How will develop Social Media in 2017


Social Media in 2017

In today’s world there is a growing increase in the share of Internet media. Already, the Internet platform can compete with many of the traditional media.

You should start with the fact that a large number of today’s print media have at least a website that often implies also the presence of the electronic version. Various radio and TV channels also have their own websites, and in some cases, online broadcasting.

With the help of online resources, traditional media can complement or expand their content. Also, the internet also offers a completely new and what can be called the media, or in a modified format. For example, on the Internet, it is possible to organize broadcasting using formats and those that are not used on conventional radio stations (example is the radio). From the new species can be distinguished videobloging, which gives more freedom to those formats, filing schedules.

Of course, the Internet media have a lot of ‘gotchas’ with the legal and commercial point of view (and often one reason and another accompany each other). And it is not always possible to name the media as such. These possibilities and contradictions created division of opinion: some researchers believe that the Internet can be fully called the media, and others argue that this is just a ‘playground’. Anyway, in this area has its own development trends:

#1. Mobile Platform

This is an evolution of what has already been indicated above – electronic versions of various publications. Mobile applications are very popular and, as a rule, it is with them, you can make big profits, which, of course, is an important factor.

#2. Monetization

A trend that echoes the previous one. At the moment, many platforms that distribute mobile apps offer paid subscriptions to certain publications. And then there is a contradiction in whether people want to pay for news that can be found for free from other sources? Probably not. But monetization aims to improve the quality of our materials.

#. Simplify Design

The trend observed in recent times. This applies both to design websites and logos, and even entire corporate identity. And it carries its pluses sites progruzhat faster because of the lack of ‘bloat’, a simple and serene style is more pleasing to the eye of the reader, the site can be filled with a large amount of content that can help save the edition owners.

#4. Members – content creators

Another is gaining more and more popularity of the trend, which can be considered the founder of the social network, which is already a lot of information. Eyewitnesses any event quickly spread in their profiles ‘reports’ from the scene. Some companies or groups in social networks encourage this initiative and spread it. Already there are even applications that users of such activities can get small cash rewards.

In the end, the phenomenon of the Internet media is fairly ambiguous, and to the same extent seems ambiguous and its development. On the Internet, vast amounts of information pass through the tape users every minute, and usually, it’s the information that is provided free of charge, including social networks. And the quality of this data is inversely proportional to its quantity. Because, as mentioned above, often the content is created by users who are not necessarily professionals. On the other hand, for a higher quality can be paid. At present it is difficult to judge what will all this development, there will supersede any of the other areas, or to happen the final division, and maybe vice versa – the merger.

At the present stage we can say that a free and often dominates the mass consumption information online media due to its affordability and efficiency, and the quality at the same time attention is paid less, which leads to his downfall

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