Extremely interesting lecture by the Director on the growth of Instagram

We want to share with you George Li’s performance, the former director of growth of Instagram. Former because it returned back to Facebook.

From its presentation you will hear madly interesting things about “a big marketng” and about national specifics of promotion. It is important to divide analysts and researchers. The first shan’t address constantly the second and ask “what occurs?” or “it is better when the button at the left or on the right?”. Analysts on the basis of the obtained data shall construct hypotheses and tell what to focus attention to researchers on. When пользователель it was registered in Instagram to show it in recommendations the acquaintance or a celebrity better? By what psychology the user is guided when chooses the public or private account?

The department of growth shall have 3 plans for development, everyone with forecasts for 2 months. According to the latest data only in the years which passed a floor the Instagram grew by 100 million MAU and reached 600 million on this indicator. But on certain temporary sites strong falls are visible and it is normal. To watch not correctly fanatically dynamics and to daily ask questions of feasibility of the actions. Month of year and separate holidays differently influence dynamics of growth. Moreover it is natural.

The most memorable was the answer to the question “how to determine, growth happens thanks to work of team on promotion or thanks to virality of the product?” — “In any way. Everything can’t be counted. But if indicators fall, the team on promotion will be guilty? Means if indicators grow – it is its success”. Sounds as an opravdeniye, but this person knows the product. Even it is difficult for me to provide as from all channels and flows to determine by increase in the user base Instagram that recommendatory algorithms are responsible for 2-3% growth in the last few years.

In general, we recommend to view. Many thanks for attention

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