15 advice on promotion in social networks


Socoal Media 15 advice
Of course, some of them are lying on the surface – but he loves to talk guru of branding and strategic marketing Jack Trout – “power in simplicity.” Even if just one idea finds application in your project – this article was written not in vain.

  1.  The target audience for your brand may not be the only people who are already talking about you in social media. One should always look for potential customers outside the circle of loyal consumers.
  2. Paid advertising in social media – the fastest way to attract the audience’s attention to your content. But first, make sure that the content is interesting enough to 100%, and attractive to consumers are sufficiently imbued.
  3. Want to see a great example of the content in social media? This “references” to real brands in online gaming. Sometimes it works fantastic because it is a great viral advertising.
  4. Social Media Marketing can be successful because of luck and good fortune. If you are lucky enough to find the right way to the heart of the target audience, do not fall into euphoria. Be sure to sort things out – what works, and that – no, and keep experimenting.
  5. Style your brand messages plays a role. On how successfully he picked up, it depends on whether your messages reach to customers. Find the perfect “voice” of the company – the style of communication with consumers, which will be clear and pleasant the target audience, and use it.
  6. How to deal with analytical information about the progress of the social networks? To act as someone said of the great: “You can only manage what is measurable.” Always look at the numbers, constantly analyze the data – this will help to build the optimal dialogue with the audience and determine the most successful brand frequency reference.
  7. Your marketing campaigns on social networks will not be successful if you personally did not show activity. Your participation as a marketer, you must from campaign planning through to its delivery to the archive. The more time you give growing community, the more successful it will be in the future.
  8. Identify social groups that overlap with your target audience. As SEOs involved in constant permutation of key phrases, and marketers working with social media, should approach sovey audience from all possible sides.
  9. ‘Roast pig will not bring pigs’ – it is quite applicable to the SMM. There are many techniques and ways to create a semblance of popularity in social networks. But who needs a dummy dummy content? He did not live and will work for you.
  10. Where can I find people for the next advertising campaign in social networks? Identify the target audience for the “likes” and repost. Make two or three thematic publications and study results.
  11. In the course of a marketing campaign to involve in its game is not only a loyal audience, and critics. Calmly and carefully responding to provocative cues, you can convert detractors into fans.
  12. What to do if you are ‘stuck’ and audience growth has stopped? Do not wait until the “plateau effect” would end by itself. Look for a new audience, which can give you a customer. Do not stand in one place!
  13. Even if you do not promote your brand in social networks, study the existing comments, monitored discussions related to your activity. Listen to these voices – and bring benefit to the people who are talking about you, without any compulsion.
  14. Make ‘editorial calendar’ for content. But be prepared to deviate from it, if necessary. The motto of the winners of evolution: ‘Adapt or die!’
  15. Remember that SMM was created not only to win new customers, but then to get out of the target audience – and not only in the form of profit.

Let’s sum up.

Good luck – a strong influencing factor, despite the fact that it is impossible to plan. Furthermore, to take into account when drawing up the strategy marketing campaign – quite impractical. But if you make an effort (take planning, will rely KPIs), luck is on your side. And here it is possible to achieve such impressive results, which have not hijacking veteran marketer.

Look for a target audience outside of thematic communities. Thematic Groups – easy prey. But we must understand that a miracle will not happen until you start the whole mechanism of involvement. To go beyond their level, more frequent actions to expand the audience.

Constantly analyze and optimize the opportunities. In marketing, it is difficult to predict anything. This kind of game where you have to react quickly and adapt to new conditions. It is necessary to constantly monitor the progress of a marketing campaign, to not miss a chance to break suddenly opened, which may appear in the process. Be ready to adjust the stroke in real time campaign.

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