Sales in Facebook: 7 tips how to do it


Facebook 7 sales tips
How to set up shop on Facebook and why you need it if your business has a beautiful site.
Facebook – an excellent tool to increase sales. It works better than similar sites for product promotion (Google Adwords, Pinterest, Instagram). All thanks to the “Shop” section. With the help of entrepreneurs demonstrate the product and communicate with customers directly on the business page of the brand in Facebook, not redirecting them to an online store. Less clicks – more sales.

  1. Integrate the shop with Facebook
    Lucky for those who have an online store on Shopify or other platform that automatically exports the pictures, prices and descriptions of products to Facebook. A couple of minutes – and your social network is ready to showcase. If there is no integration with Facebook will have to rotate everything by hand. One way or another, but to have the section “Shop” is necessary: according to Nielsen, 84% of time spent on gadgets, users devote five mobile apps, and Facebook is leading in this list. Perhaps, for a social network – the future of online sales.
  2. Write attractive headlines and description of goods
    When users search for products on Facebook, they see only the name and description. Write a strong text that will present the best product.
  3. Build a community around the brand
    Do not forget that Facebook – primarily social channel which provides comfort for buyers and allows the seller to look modern. Publish on the business page of the non-advertising content that brand fans will want to share with your friends. At least 80% of your publications should not have anything to do with the promotion of products. Your goal – to benefit people and attract more subscribers.
  4. Optimize your mailing list
    The more subscribers, the more difficult to convey information to each – Facebook publication shows not all. Conduct e-mail-newsletter and activity in social networks as one project: to tell the letters of the new proposals and publications on Facebook. So you get more likes and comments. And the more attention to the publication, the better the organic reach.
  5. Offer discounts
    Use the option “Create a proposal.” These proposals will be displayed on your page and in strips of subscribers as well as regular posts, but with the button “Take advantage of the offer.” For example, you can publish the codes for a discount when buying in the online store, and the button will redirect users to the site.
  6. Carry out targeted advertising campaigns
    There are two ways to promote products on Facebook: run your ads or share item in the post, and then untwist itself post. In both cases, you can either communicate a message to subscribers, or to create highly specialized target audience for each campaign.
    To sell more goods, try to create custom audiences using Facebook advertising manager. This will help you reach out to people who have never heard of you, but it will most likely be interested in your suggestions.
    If you take the time to fine-tune the target audience, the likelihood of sales increase. You can show ads:
    people who like your page, as well as their friends
    audience, formed on the basis of certain interests, behaviors, geographic or demographic data
    audience from which excluded people with unsuitable to you interests, behaviors, geographic or demographic data
    people who came to your page on Facebook, or on the company’s website
    an audience that is not subscribed to your page, but it is similar to the audience of existing subscribers.
  7. Share the best products
    You can create collections of goods in the shop on Facebook, but the buyers probably will not want to watch the whole thing. From time to time publish posts about specific products. Pay particular attention to their bestsellers: perhaps they will get the most response from your target audience.
    Experiment and test different methods of attracting buyers. There is no single tactic that worked would be for all companies. And even one of the brand the most effective methods are constantly vary.
    And please, do not bother to subscribers. They signed up because they like your brand and products, but that does not mean that they will tolerate annoying ads. And if someone unsubscribes due to spam, it will return back unlikely.
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